HOT SAUCE – Ultimate Hard Water Spot Remover with High Gloss Wax Sealants

Sure, you can say you have tried it all, but once you try HOT Sauce, you’re old products will just begin to collect dust on your shelves. Hot Sauce out performs 2 and 3 step products with a simple spray and wipe.

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  • Bio-degradable, safe, soft water based detailer with specialty wax sealants
  • Removes hard water spots, mineral deposits and exhaust residue
  • Will NOT strip your current wax, adds additional wax sealants with each use
  • Designed for Fiberglass, Plastic, Chrome, Glass and all painted surfaces
  • Spray on, wipe off Application
  • Approved and Recommended by the Top Manufacturers in the Industry
  • Use after each day on the water, follow up with Boat Bling Quickie Sauce every 3 months
  • Available in Quart (32oz), Gallon (128oz) Bottles and 5 Gallon (640oz)

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Tech Tip:

Begin with 2 Micro Fiber towels – start in the rear of the boat where the spots and buildup are the most extreme, spray and wipe product across 2-3 foot sections, flipping the towel over as you go. Continue around the boat using the same towel until you've reached the front, then use a fresh micro fiber towel for the other side.



“I cannot say enough about the hot sauce vs. babe's.  I loved Babe's...until I tried the Boat Bling Hot Sauce.  The Hot Sauce has been far superior for me at getting spots off and stopping them from forming.  The more you use it, the better the boat looks.” - TallRedRider, St. George, Utah

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TallRedRider, St. George, Utah: "I cannot say enough about the hot sauce vs. babe's. I loved Babe's...until I tried the Boat Bling Hot Sauce. The Hot Sauce has been far superior for me at getting spots off and stopping them from forming. The more you use it, the better the boat looks."
wpcf-product-title: HOT SAUCE – <span>Ultimate Hard Water Spot Remover with High Gloss Wax Sealants</span>
  • I tried this product (Condition Sauce) for the first time last year and am already on my third bottle! It is outstanding! I have never used anything that has made the boat seats feel like new, until I used this stuff! It has made the seats easier to clean!

    N Abner
  • This product is wonderfull. I use (Condition Sauce) as the last step in my cleaning process. It is easy to use, I spray it on, let it set for 5 minutes then wipe it off. It leaves the seats soft, not sticky, after using it.

  • I’ve tried many cleaners/polishes for my boat, and Hot Sauce is simply the best. The sprayer bottle gives a perfect mist end its easy to use.

  • The product works. I was pleased that a product actually performed the way it said it would. It was easy applying and easy to wipe in to the fiberglass. It made my finish shine like never before. I highly recommend this product to any fiberglass boat owner. Great product

  • Even though this was pricey…I was willing to give it a shot. I am SOLD. It works great, easy way to clean up the boat after a day on the water. It removes the spots and leaves a coat of wax behind. Several people commented on how good it looks after using it. I’m sold on it!

  • Great on all fiberglass/ gel coat finishes. Even works great on the cars
    As a professional Rider/Rep for a major surf board manufacturer, I can assure everyone HOT SAUCE draws NOTHING BUT rave reviews from professional towboat owners and competitors across the country.

  • Removes water spots on fiberglass, stainless, and glass. Great for on the go clean ups. Definitely will buy again.

    RJ Clark
  • Easy to use, nice results. I use Quickie Sauce on my jet skis and it really makes them shine. It makes the bright orange one practically burn your retinas when it’s in the sunlight. Easy application and removal, nice slick finish. I’ll definitely be picking up more Boat Bling products in the near future.

    Baxter Stegall
  • WORKS WELL FOR A “QUICKIE.” Quickie Sauce works well for that, “in a hurry shine.” My red boat looks new!
    I would recommend Quickie Sauce for that in between boat waxing.

    Corrine Draper
  • I usually don’t offer reviews unless something is really bad or really good. In this case, the latter. Unbelievable product. Ten years of grime/dirt/grease came off easily.

  • These cleaners and protectants are the only things I will use on my boat

  • Use many of the boat bling products and love them. Our boat is 5 years old and everyone is amazed at how good it looks. Thank you boat bling! Worth every penny!

    L Vazquez
  • I needed something a little stronger to clean suntan oils and dirty footprints off my light grey boat seats. I’ve been using Babe’s Seat Soap, and have been happy with it, but it took a lot of scrubbing to get the real dirty stuff clean.

    D Jay
  • Byon August 7, 2014
    Best upholstery cleaner you will find.

    Ryan S Manion
  • Love the feel of the upholstery after I use it

  • I am a professional detailer, and this is what I use for cleaning vinyl seating. Worth the money.

    Eric Shawn
  • Great stuff! Cleans and freshens all surfaces on the Boat! This product is not sticky and I use it all the time!

    Bill Sanchez
  • This is the best vinyl cleaner I have found. We have light grey, almost white vinyl on our 11 year old boat and it looks brand new. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Corrine Draper
  • I tried all the vinyl cleaners for our 2000 Malibu Wakesetter mothers, starbrite etc. and none even come close to the bot bling vinyl sauce. If you have a boat especially a newer one spend the extra money you will be pleased with the results!

    John Duggan
  • We have had mysterious grey “marbling” on our white seats for a few years. We tried EVERYTHING to remove them and resolved ourselves this week to buy new upholstery. We bought Vinyl Sauce since we’ve tried it all, and IT WORKED!

    Geoffrey Barton
  • On my third bottle. Must have for any boat owner! Quick way to clean your boat t the end of the day.

  • 5 Stars, Not Enough….Superior Product!!!!

  • I was skeptical to purchase this product due to a limited number of reviews and well, “Sauce” doesn’t sound like something I want to use on the interior of anything. When I removed it from the shipping package, the first thing I saw was “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed,”

  • Boat Bling Hot Sauce not only removes water spots but applies a layer of wax at the same time. On a black hull that is important to prevent the dry looking gell coat. Easy to use. Highly recommend it.

  • This stuff is great for removing water spots and leaving a great shine on our boat. I also use this product on our vehicle windows/mirrors and glass shower doors.

  • Exactly as described. Have ordered this product before and really liked it. Would recommend to anyone trying to keep their boat or auto sparkling clean.

  • I use Boat Bling on not only my boat but also on my car, truck and ATV. Keeps everything looking show room fresh. Be sure to use it right after washing while surface is still damp.

    Darlene Lindneron
  • Great stuff. I have a black hull and this cleans it in no time!

  • Amazing stuff

  • This stuff is amazing.

    G. Ericson
  • Just spray and wipe. Leaves a clean shiny boat.

  • Best boat products – easy to use and makes my boat look brand new

  • I have been lost on Lake Powell for the last week or would have posted a lot earlier. Thank you for a wonderful product to help keep my boat in tip top shape in the hot UT and AZ sun. It seems like everybody told me during our boat building process to not get the white vinyl and go with an off white

    Josh Middleton – Utah
  • You guys really hit a home Run with this waterspot remover. This is from a previous Ducky user who used it cuz it worked but hated the film it left.

    Brett Deever – San Clemente, CA
  • I found boat bling in a used boat I bought and never heard of it. I tried it just to see what it was like. I was amazed and beyond impressed. The hard water spots cam off quickly and the products smell fantastic. I cannot recommend this product enough.

    David Wahrenbrock - Hudson WI