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    Jamie Cyphers

    Recruiter of Pro Staff Team

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    Michael Murphy

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  • I tried this product (Condition Sauce) for the first time last year and am already on my third bottle! It is outstanding!

    N Abner
  • This product is wonderfull. I use (Condition Sauce) as the last step in my cleaning process. It is easy to use, I spray it on, let it set for 5 minutes then wipe it off.

  • I’ve tried many cleaners/polishes for my boat, and Hot Sauce is simply the best. The sprayer bottle gives a perfect mist end its easy to use.

  • The product works. I was pleased that a product actually performed the way it said it would. It was easy applying and easy to wipe in to the fiberglass.

  • Even though this was pricey…I was willing to give it a shot. I am SOLD. It works great, easy way to clean up the boat after a day on the water.

  • Great on all fiberglass/ gel coat finishes. Even works great on the cars As a professional Rider/Rep for a major surf board manufacturer

  • Removes water spots on fiberglass, stainless, and glass. Great for on the go clean ups. Definitely will buy again.

    RJ Clark
  • Easy to use, nice results. I use Quickie Sauce on my jet skis and it really makes them shine. It makes the bright orange one practically burn your retinas when it’s in the sunlight.

    Baxter Stegall
  • WORKS WELL FOR A “QUICKIE.” Quickie Sauce works well for that, “in a hurry shine.” My red boat looks new!
    I would recommend Quickie Sauce for that in between boat waxing.

    Corrine Draper
  • I usually don’t offer reviews unless something is really bad or really good. In this case, the latter. Unbelievable product. Ten years of grime/dirt/grease came off easily.

  • These cleaners and protectants are the only things I will use on my boat

  • Use many of the boat bling products and love them. Our boat is 5 years old and everyone is amazed at how good it looks. Thank you boat bling! Worth every penny!

    L Vazquez
  • I needed something a little stronger to clean suntan oils and dirty footprints off my light grey boat seats. I’ve been using Babe’s Seat Soap, and have been happy with it

    D Jay
  • Byon August 7, 2014
    Best upholstery cleaner you will find.

    Ryan S Manion
  • Love the feel of the upholstery after I use it

  • I am a professional detailer, and this is what I use for cleaning vinyl seating. Worth the money.

    Eric Shawn
  • Great stuff! Cleans and freshens all surfaces on the Boat! This product is not sticky and I use it all the time!

    Bill Sanchez
  • This is the best vinyl cleaner I have found. We have light grey, almost white vinyl on our 11 year old boat and it looks brand new.

    Corrine Draper
  • I tried all the vinyl cleaners for our 2000 Malibu Wakesetter mothers, starbrite etc. and none even come close to the bot bling vinyl sauce.

    John Duggan
  • We have had mysterious grey “marbling” on our white seats for a few years. We tried EVERYTHING to remove them and resolved ourselves this week to buy new upholstery.

    Geoffrey Barton
  • On my third bottle. Must have for any boat owner! Quick way to clean your boat t the end of the day.

  • 5 Stars, Not Enough….Superior Product!!!!

  • I was skeptical to purchase this product due to a limited number of reviews and well, “Sauce” doesn’t sound like something I want to use on the interior of anything.

  • Boat Bling Hot Sauce not only removes water spots but applies a layer of wax at the same time. On a black hull that is important to prevent the dry looking gell coat. Easy to use. Highly recommend it.

  • This stuff is great for removing water spots and leaving a great shine on our boat. I also use this product on our vehicle windows/mirrors and glass shower doors.

  • Exactly as described. Have ordered this product before and really liked it. Would recommend to anyone trying to keep their boat or auto sparkling clean.

  • I use Boat Bling on not only my boat but also on my car, truck and ATV. Keeps everything looking show room fresh.

    Darlene Lindneron
  • Great stuff. I have a black hull and this cleans it in no time!

  • Amazing stuff

  • This stuff is amazing.

    G. Ericson
  • Just spray and wipe. Leaves a clean shiny boat.

  • Best boat products – easy to use and makes my boat look brand new

  • I have been lost on Lake Powell for the last week or would have posted a lot earlier. Thank you for a wonderful product to help keep my boat in tip top shape in the hot UT and AZ sun.

    Josh Middleton – Utah
  • You guys really hit a home Run with this waterspot remover. This is from a previous Ducky user who used it cuz it worked but hated the film it left.

    Brett Deever – San Clemente, CA
  • I found boat bling in a used boat I bought and never heard of it. I tried it just to see what it was like. I was amazed and beyond impressed.

    David Wahrenbrock - Hudson WI